The Influence of Ascendant:
12 Zodiac Signs Explained

12 Zodiac signs as Ascendants explained by experts

Ascendant is a Zodiac sign rising over the eastern side of the horizon at your birth moment. It influences your inner nature, character, world perception, appearance, manners, and impulsive decisions. You can easily find out your Ascendant in your natal chart. It is commonly depicted at the 9 o’clock position.
The Ascendant is a starting point for reading the natal chart. But it is also of great interest to you. Knowing your Ascendant can explain many of your traits and attitudes. So let us explore the 12 Zodiac signs and their influences on people as Ascendants.













Aries as Ascendant

Aries Ascendant provides courage and endless enthusiasm to people. This sign also makes you impulsive and highly irritating. Aries prefer new things and adventures. You will fight for what you like till the end though it is not right every time.

Taurus as Ascendant

Taurus as Ascendant brings you honesty and countenance. You prefer a stable life without any drastic changes. The quality of life is, above all things, for you.

Gemini as Ascendant

Gemini Ascendant makes you talented, smart, and intelligent. You like to learn and strive for everything new and engaging. This Ascendant motivates you to make everybody happy around you.

Cancer as Ascendant

Cancer makes you gentle and kind and provides you with a rich inner world full of emotions. You use your feelings and emotions to explore the surrounding world. At the same time, Cancer Ascendant makes you and your feelings very sensitive to any influence.

Leo as Ascendant

Leo provides you with a powerful aura. You inherit many royal traits from this Ascendant. It gives you confidence and optimism. You willingly share your enthusiasm and energy with others. Leo Ascendant makes you a good leader.

Virgo as Ascendant

Virgo makes you realistic, sincere, kind, and diligent. Your goal is perfection in everything: from your daily routine to your life.

Libra as Ascendant

Libra makes you kind and sincere with other people. You are relatively stable in emotions and feelings. It isn’t easy to affect you badly. You are easy to get along with. Your key priority is to find a balance between your inner ideals and real life.

Scorpio as Ascendant

Scorpio makes you energetic and realistic with strong feelings and emotions, but you rarely let them show. You are insightful, cautious, and persistent. You like people surrounding you but, in most cases, prefer loneliness.

Sagittarius as Ascendant

This sign as an Ascendant provides you with endless energy and enthusiasm. You are lively and cheerful. These traits help you to cope with any life challenge with a positive and confident approach. You always determine your goals and do everything necessary for their achievement.

Capricorn as Ascendant

This sign explains your pragmatic approach to everything in your life. You enjoy working hard and believe that your future depends on what you do today.

Aquarius as Ascendant

Aquarius as Ascendant provides you wisdom and stability, intelligence and countenance. You always run ahead of time and strive to learn something new nonstop!

Pisces as Ascendant

This gentle sign shares the best traits with you. You are calm, intelligent, gentle, and caring. You can easily win people’s hearts and make them love you. However, you are extremely sensitive and can be easily hurt. You care about your feelings and emotions.

Ascendant determines our relations with the outer world and explains our inner world. You can find your Ascendant in your natal chart. The team of Zodiac Lab will provide you with a full report on your Zodiac sign, your Ascendant, and your birth chart!

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