Zodiac Lab about astrology and its solutions

About the power and purpose of astrology.

With the help of the ancient knowledge of astrology, a person can gain insights into such requests:

How to stop stepping on the same rake

How to change your script of behaviour in life

How to understand what recurring situations want to “tell” you

How to survive a crisis — age, personal, financial

How to highlight your strengths and weaknesses

How to unleash your potential to the maximum and step out of the shadows

What personality and character features prevent you from achieving your goals?

How to build harmonious and mutual relationships with people, and much more.

However, astrology is not a Magic 8 Ball. This centuries-old science can bring fantastic results in long-awaited answers when used and interpreted correctly.

The Zodiac Signs













What is astrology, and how does it affect our lives?

Astrology is an ancient science that is growing its interest worldwide every year. People are looking for answers, and astrology can provide them. Also, it directs, suggests, highlights, and inspires.

Zodiac Lab experts use classical and Vedic astrology (Jyotish). These directions originate from the same source but differ, just like children born from the same parents.

Classical astrology is more focused on predicting an event plan based on the psychological characteristics of a person. In contrast, Vedic astrology primarily focuses on finding more spiritual explanations of events and eliminating the causes that prevent a person from living harmoniously.

Combining these two pieces of knowledge, we can see the future and influence it, changing our lives for the better.

Lagna Chart with Houses (Jyotish)

6th House Aries
Ruler / Lord Mars


7th House Taurus
Ruler / Lord Venus

Spouse / Partners

8th House Gemini
Ruler / Lord Mercury

Sudden Up & Down

9th House Cancer
Ruler / Lord Moon

Higher Learning

10th House Leo
Ruler / Lord Sun


11th House Virgo
Ruler / Lord Mercury

Higher Goals

12th House Libra
Ruler / Lord Venus


1th House Scorpio
Ruler / Lord Mars


2nd House Sagittarius
Ruler / Lord Jupiter


3rd House Capricorn
Ruler / Lord Saturn

Personal Interest

4th House Aquarius
Ruler / Lord Saturn

Inner Peace

5th House Pisces
Ruler / Lord Jupiter


How can astrology change a person’s life?

Since astrology is one of the occult sciences, with its help, we can change events and influence situations.

Since ancient times, magicians have used the energy and power of the luminaries (the Moon and the Sun) in their work. You can see that many holidays (religious, pagan) are tied to the solar-lunar calendar and the cycles of these planets. For example, the power of the Moon can be used in everyday things, such as gardening.

According to the position of the Moon in various signs of the Zodiac, and depending on the phase of the Moon, it is recommended to plant and process certain crops. And yes, at first glance, it may sound funny, but those who once tried such a calendar do not want to give it up because they were convinced of its effectiveness in practice (and in their garden).

Moon Calendar for Gardeners

Law of Karma

Vedic astrology and karma

The Vedic system of astrology is based on the principle of reincarnation. This means that we all have lived many lives in the past and will continue to live many lives in the future. Each life is a chance for development and growth, as well as an opportunity to balance our karma.

Jyotish says that our karma is determined by the unique position of the planets at the time of our birth. The planets in our solar system represent different aspects of our personality and, by extension, our karma.

By studying this position of the planets, we can gain insight into our past lives and become aware of our karmic code. When we realise our karmic code, we can heal our past lives and create a better future.

Does astrology reduce stress?

Yes, and yes, again! By understanding the events and people in our lives deeper and taking steps to mitigate adverse impacts on us, we feel more balanced and calm.


Moreover, we calm the mind and body by using yoga or meditation. Thus, astrology paired with spiritual practices is a valuable tool for dealing with stress and finding inner balance.

Statue of Shiva Doing Yoga Meditation in Lotus Position

Karma says:
If you focus on the hurt, you will continue to suffer.
If you focus on the lesson, you will continue to grow.

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