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Your Purpose

Reveal your unique traits, abilities, and powers.

Your Success Drivers

Find out what holds you back in self-development and realisation and what powers and energies you lack to succeed.

Your Future 10 Years

Explore the potential events of the next ten years
of your life. Get ready for the life shifts and make better decisions.

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A life horoscope is a detailed prediction of your future based on your date of birth. It contains your horoscope and personality description. The life horoscope helps you find your way, better understand yourself and reveal your potential.

It comprises reading your natal chart, psychological analysis of your personality, and personal predictions for the future.

Such a report will help you act carefully and make informed decisions when life takes an unexpected turn. A combination of bad and good events in life creates a unique picture of a person’s fate. Your horoscope will help you understand the meaning of life events and make accurate conclusions. The personal astrological report makes you wiser in all aspects: relationships, business, friendship, worldview, and many others.

In your astrological life horoscope, you will find the answers:

  • What are your personal strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is your goal and mission in life?
  • How to use the energy of the Universe in your favour?
  • How to ignite success in any life sphere?
  • What ignites your fire?
  • What lights up your Sun?
  • How to avoid the traps of life?
  • And many others!

Life horoscope requires your data: birth date, place, and time. And the last two factors are the most important because they determine your exact moment and location of birth. These data are necessary for your personal profile to be complete. The Earth makes a significant shift in space every second. The time of birth allows fixing the Earth’s position relative to other celestial bodies. And the place of birth makes a significant coordinate correction.

The natal chart is about the energies of celestial bodies influencing every sphere of your life. Your birth data enable you to learn the energies affecting you at the moment of birth and to predict how these energies will affect you further in life.

Please fill out the form to order your natal chart and its interpretation. Try to provide as much data as you know. Try to be precise and accurate. The experienced astrologers of Zodiac Lab will draw a natal chart and analyse and interpret it using all their knowledge and wisdom. Unlike computer interpretation, the interpretation by the astrologer contains human analysis, explanations, different points of view, and solutions.

Your horoscope guides your life through choices, actions, and decisions.

Love and Marriage

Order your love and marriage horoscope and find out.

Why Can't You Find Your Love?

Get clues on what traits to change and how to behave to meet your soulmate.

How to Get More Attractive for Your Partner in Love?

Learn to ignite your passion and be desired!

When Can You Meet Your Soulmate?

Find out all possible times and scenarios.

When Will You Finally Get Married?

Discover the best times to meet your soulmate, start new relationships and get married!

Your love horoscope answers many questions:

Why are you unhappy in relationships?

Why did you choose the wrong people?

Why can’t you build lasting relationships?

Why are you or your partner dissatisfied with sex?

How to create healthy, strong relationships?

And many others!

Your natal chart represents the energies affecting your life and love. These energies are passed to you. If you misuse them, then you face love challenges. 

The natal chart also shows circumstances, connections, and signs that form your attitude toward love. 

The recommendations from astrologers will sufficiently help you tune existing relationships, find a soulmate, or start healthier relationships.

Love horoscope for singles from the Zodiac Lab experts is an effective tool for self-transformation. The report contains not only a love forecast but the recommendations from psychologists. They see the common traits of persons affected by the same set of energies and provide clear guidance on what to change in you,  how to change, and what to do next. 

For example, your natal chart shows you are indifferent to your appearance. It may be the reason that you look unattractive to your soulmate. You do not smile or have some habits that other people find unappealing. Even the manner you speak can be the reason. 

Your lifestyle description and recommendations for necessary changes will also be in your love and marriage horoscope because you will experience difficulties finding your love if you live a lazy life visiting only a grocery and your office. 

That is why a personal love horoscope is created in cooperation with astrologers and psychologists.

You will get recommendations on lifestyle, behaviour, traits, and habits. 

This report will guide your new life in which you will be open for love. You will learn to create love opportunities!


Get insights about your children from stars and planets!

When Will You Have a Child?

Find out the best times the Universe can send
you a child!

What Is the Best Period for Conception?

Consider the positions and energies of celestial bodies that favour conception!

What Will Be the Sign of My Kid?

Get insights into the character of your future kid with a child horoscope considering the date of possible conception and birth!

Astrology uses the wisdom of the Universe, the knowledge about the energies of celestial bodies, and their influence on people. An astrologer sees the most favourable times for planning a kid, conception, and birth. Considering planets' and stars' favourable positions and energies, you can easily pass this complex life transformation.

By knowing the most favourable time for a child to come, you will better plan your life. The children's horoscope helps to manage your fears and worries and care well.

The lunar effect on the reproductive function of a woman is phenomenal. Scientific studies prove that most women reach the peak of their fertility around the new Moon, and their menstrual cycles begin within the first ten days of the full Moon. The Moon phase is essential in planning a baby.

Your children’s horoscope will show you periods when the Moon will come to any of the fertile signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Female fertility turns to average when the Moon passes one of these signs: Libra, Taurus, and Capricorn. And fertility depends on low to very low (when conception is impossible) when the Moon is in one of these signs: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. 

It means you can fail to get pregnant when fertile according to your ovulation calendar, but the Moon is in an infertile sign.

Order your children’s horoscope to determine your fertility according to the Moon!

Yes, it is quite possible. Using children’s astrological prediction, you can calculate an estimated birth date and find a Zodiac sign. If you want a kid of a particular sign, use a children's horoscope from the Zodiac Lab astrologers and know your fertility peaks!


Order your health horoscope now to support your body timely!

Your Physical Strength

Find out how to add strength and endurance to your body!

Your Immune Health

When nothing helps strengthen immunity, then stars will give you answers!

Your Body

Find out non-obvious recommendations to change your body for the better!

A health horoscope is one of the most critical reports from astrologers. It is a prediction for a year indicating the main changes, risk periods, potential diseases, and injuries. The report also contains your health profile based on the data from your natal chart. 

Every Zodiac sign is predisposed to certain diseases. For example, the main pain point of Aries is the head. The people of this sign commonly suffer from migraines and headaches. They experience problems with their eyes, nose, and ears. The same case is with teeth. Aries should visit a dentist more often.

Taurus is more prone to gastrointestinal disorders. Gemini often faces breathing problems. Cancers should watch their diet as their pain points are obesity, abdominal cavity, and digestion. And so on.

Though an astrologer is not a doctor, the stars still provide many insights into the nature of health problems. Order your report to find out:

The risky periods for your health in the upcoming year. The diseases you can face. The weaknesses of your body throughout the year. The best periods for restoration and recreation. The perfect time for a vacation. The places to visit for restoration. And many others!

Order your health report from the Zodiac Lab astrologers now and become stronger and healthier!


Learn to rule your future with star insights

Lucky Days

Find out the auspicious and inauspicious days of a month or a year to plan your life carefully.

The Best Days for Whatever

Find favourable periods for business, health, love, romance, studying, travelling, or anything you want!

The Worst Days of a Period

Know the days when you should be extra cautious!

Know your future with the month or year horoscope from the Zodiac Lab astrologers! We will analyse your natal chart and explore the energies around you at the moment and every day of the upcoming period. 

The future horoscope gives you clues on planning important activities (from a romantic date to business meetings and job interviews). The future forecast indicates lucky and unlucky days and periods of low and high energy. Such a forecast informs your decisions in every sphere of life. The horoscope describes the powers of celestial bodies that affect your life every day of the month.

Many factors are considered in your future forecast: aspects between planets and stars, lunar day characteristics, Zodiac signs, and the houses they pass. Unlike traditional general horoscopes, the personal future horoscope is based on your birth date, time, and place, allowing us to recreate the positions of celestial bodies at the moment of your birth. Thus, the horoscope becomes precise, logical, and actual.

You can order a future horoscope for a month or a year.

Money and Business

Ask stars about your business perspectives!

Best Investment Times

Choose the perfect time for investments in your business.

Best Time to Start a Business

Use the energy of stars, planets, the Sun, and the Moon to succeed in your new business undertaking!

Better Business Planning

Make informed decisions on contracts, partnerships, or else!

A business horoscope is not a mere list of lucky days. It is a thorough analysis of conditions, planets' and stars' positions that affect the outcome of any business activity. You can plan a new business, expand an existing one, and consider new contracts and partners — your business horoscope can help you make informed decisions. 

The report will also cover the solutions to your business's typical problems: customer churn, competitors, and a profit drop. You can order a business horoscope for a short period or get yearly recommendations.

The business horoscope can also be your team-building tool. You can order a compatibility horoscope for your team or check your partners. It will help you to build robust and reliable business relationships and avoid mistakes due to misunderstandings. The business compatibility service checks your business profile and the horoscopes of team members, partners, and your own. The astrologer will also consider intellectual compatibility, which will help you create a more effective team.

Order your business horoscope now from competent business astrologers of Zodiac Lab and get accurate forecasts, recommendations, and warnings to secure your business success!Learn more about Astrology for business

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